Candid chat with Aamir Dalvi

It gets quite tough to keep laughing as the evil Zafar in Aladdin: Aamir Dalvi

Not all actors are as lucky as the super-talented Aamir Dalvi, who keeps coming back with different kinds of characters. After playing God in STAR Bharat show, Kaal Bhairav Rahasya, he will now essay an evil vazir, in the upcoming SAB TV show, Aladdin.

“Zafar is the most evil and ambitious character in the show, who wants to become the next Sultan. Full credit to the creative team to have paid lots of attention to the detailing of my larger-than-life grand look.”

This is Aamir’s first tryst with the fantasy genre. “Shooting with Chroma technology is quite tough, for there is no one in front of you and you really have to let your imagination run riot. Having said that, you have to be good with your thinking even in normal soaps, where many times you are only talking to the camera, sans a co-star.” Aamir’s other notable shows include Jab Love Hua, Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath, etc.

“With each passing generation, fantasy show graphics will only become richer in looks and presentation. Today’s Mahabharat is much more technologically advanced then what we saw in the late eighties,” added Aamir.

“Being a children’s show, all the characters have their quirks, but yes, it is not slapstick. Zafar is the only one who brings seriousness to the story with his wickedness. But yes, my fear is presented in a highly entertaining way, which will not scare the daylights out of the kids. Being a very realistic actor, the biggest challenge is to keep bursting into evil laugher repeatedly. Obviously, in such situations, the above fun emotion does not come naturally. So I then talk to the director and work things around, without ruffling the egos of anyone concerned,” added he.

Looking ahead, Aamir would want to try his hands at web series, “But I will not drop my clothes and go crazy. Actually, I was about to do a web series before Aladdin happened, but things did not work out.”

“I am quite happy with GEC for the moment. Let others play with it for the moment. I will wait and watch what new bar the digital format sets,” he ends.

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