Actor Aamir Dalvi who is presently seen in the Sony TV show Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi, looks forward to celebrating Eid with his family. He recollects his pleasant memories of Eid from his childhood and also seeks happiness and peace all around him.

Says Aamir, “Eid signifies the completion of 30 days of Ramadan. For me, it is a self-cleansing phase after prayers and fasting. It is a very religious and holy month, where we seek forgiveness and is a celebration to mark the end of 30 days where we sacrifice food and water. It is also the moment of sharing and celebrating the happiness with family.”

Talking about his childhood memories, Aamir avers, “During childhood, we used to go to my Nani’s house. We used to meet our extended family, we usually looked forward to getting Eidi from the elders. This is one favourite childhood memory.”

His prayers for his family are these. “I always wish for the salaamati of my kids, wish good health for my mother. I wish for global peace, more brotherhood, and more healing all over. I ask for forgiveness for all the mistakes that I made, and seek peace and happiness for my family.”

Talking about the routine on the day of Eid, Aamir states, “The day usually starts with Namaaz. I go every year to the Khabrastan where my father is buried. I wish Ammi and my family. I start my day with my mother’s delicacy, which is followed by breakfast. Lunch is always Biryani. I go over to my brother’s place in the evening.”