Zee TV’s popular fiction drama, Qurbaan Hua, has been entertaining its audience with interesting twists and turns in the lives of Neel (Rajveer Singh) and Chahat (Pratibha Ranta) since the show’s beginning. In fact, very recently viewers witnessed how #Neehat’s life took a 360 degree turn with Zain’s (Ayaz Ahmed) entry in their lives. With the latter planning to Kidnap Chahat from the operation theatre, Neel is keeping a hawk’s eye on him to save Chahat’s life. With so much high voltage drama happening in the show, viewers can definitely expect nothing but entertainment coming their way.

Meanwhile Neel and Chahat too have been keep themselves entertained, especially with India’s recent wins in the Tokyo Olympics. While the entire nation applauded Neeraj Chopra’s Gold win, our very own Pratibha Ranta too felt extremely proud of the young star’s achievement. In fact, it got her nostalgic and reminded her of the memorable days when she used to once participate in National level dance competitions.

Reminiscing the moment and expressing her pride on the occasion of India’s Independence Day, Pratibha who plays the role of Chahat in Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua said, “In the past few days I saw various clips of the Indian flag being raised against the national anthem that was played in the background, honestly it got me extremely overwhelmed, and I felt those same goosebumps that one would feel while watching it in reality. I am sure it was an extremely proud moment for all Indians and while I felt the same amount of pride in my heart, it also brought back a very nostalgic memory to my mind. Back in the day when I had participated in a Hip-Hop international and won the 2nd prize, we were selected to represent India in the Unites states of America. Unfortunately, due to certain reasons we were unable to participate and that was one of the most disappointing incidents of our life. Nevertheless, we had the chance to perform at a state level competition and eventually brought home the silver medal. That win made me believe that when you bring glory to your country or to your hometown, it’s not only about the happiness that you feel within, but the entire nation is proud of your win. That is honestly a very beautiful feeling, and I am sure Neeraj Chopra has worked extremely hard to deserve this happiness.”

Well, just like Pratibha, we all are extremely proud of Neeraj Chopra! Meanwhile, the upcoming episodes of Qurbaan Hua, will showcase Zain taking advantage of a helpless Chahat who has lost her memory. But what will happen when Neel gets to know about Zain’s intentions?