Aditya Shukla of Naagmani fame talks about his role and experience on the set.

Aditya Shukla who plays the antagonist in Dangal show Naagmani is happy to be sharing screen space with his co-actors on the show. He is thankful for the opportunity got of playing the antagonist in the show.

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How has your track in Nagmani shaped up?

The track is good and is shaping up slowly, as I am the male negative with supernatural powers. I hope the audience like the new twists in the plot.

Is it difficult to make a mark in the industry in today’s time?

Yes, it is very difficult, especially in today’s time as the competition is getting tougher and tougher. Every day there are thousands of people who try to be an actor. So you have to be one in a million to bag a good role. I feel happy to have beaten a lot of them to get the role as this is a race to the top.

What next for you?

Right now all my focus is on Naagmani. After this let’s see. But I’m open to doing pretty much everything. Web, Serials, movies, anything.

Your camaraderie with Pavvitra Punia has been cute and recently she even tied you a rakhi, how does it feel to have an extended family on sets?

Hahaha. Yeah we are a trio on sets. Pavitra, Neha (Rambha) and Me. We have a lot of fun on shoot especially when all 3 of us are in a scene, which generally is the case. It is an added advantage to have a familiar face on set to help you with your mood and work, so yeah it’s fun.

How is Pavvitra as a person and is it fun to be shooting together?

She is super funny and sometimes unpredictable. One moment you’ll think she is angry and the very next moment she will smile and pull your leg. It’s really fun to work with her. She helps me a lot with the dialogues and expressions that I need to give as she has a lot of experience working on green screens. She will scold me along with our director if I didn’t get something done properly. So I feel blessed to have such a helping cast and crew with me.

Who else do you get along with from your cast?

Everybody, we all are really like an extended family. Having lunch together, going out to a party, we do it all. Our director and cameraman also join us in the fun.

Is the supernatural genre difficult to do in terms of convincing people?

Oh yes it is. While reading the script, sometimes we think about how is this possible, but yet have to act it out. So yeah it’s really difficult at times but then the audience really likes such stories and such action. So we have to do it convincingly for them to believe. It gets tough at times.

What’s the real Aditya like?

He is really loving, funny and energetic. I just love to make people laugh and pull everyone’s leg. It gets me in trouble a lot of times as people take it seriously sometimes. But that’s my nature. I’m like a kid in an adult’s body.

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