Aditya Shukla talks about his show Ishq Ki Dastaan - Naagmani.

Actor Aditya Shukla who is presently seen in the Dangal show Ishq Ki Dastaan – Naagmani is happy that audiences have geared up to the occasion and have accepted experimental shows in recent times.

“It’s the audience that gives us the scope to think out-of-the-box. This shows that entertainment has no language and that it can break barriers and walls that people have put up as differences between themselves. Entertainment can be a source of bringing people together,” he states.

For Aditya, his ongoing role in Naagmani is the best that could have come his way. “It’s the longest and a very important role that I’ve got. I know I’ll get more good work after this project. But for me right now this is the best project I’ve got. And, I’m happy about it. Any actor is never satisfied with the work that he is doing. If he is satisfied that means he has nothing more to do and his career has come to an end. So I’ll never be satisfied as my hunger keeps on increasing. But I’m happy with my role.”

Aditya is a fitness freak. He follows a pattern when it comes to his workout schedule. He is also motivating to the core. “I love to keep myself fit and to reach out to my audience and beg them to follow some form of fitness regime that will keep them more active and happy.”

Best of luck, Aditya!!

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