Father's day is just around the corner TV hottie Ridheema Tiwari speaks about her father!

Ridheema Tiwari, who is basking in the success of her TV show Ghulam, feels life is all about loving your parents. She says, “I have my father’s personality. I have taken his best qualities. He has always been a fitness freak and extremely disciplined. A morning person that he is, he is particular about his timetable with regards to his food pattern, sleeping pattern etc. He has been a pole vault champion at Lucknow University during his college days. My best memories are those of my practice sessions with him.”

She continues, “He took me for high jumps and long jumps and he also trained me for running too. I am blessed with a good body because of him. He is otherwise so reserved and un-expressive, yet during Sports Day rehearsals, he used to pamper me the most and that was the only time I was allowed to wear shorts because he said a sportsman should be most comfortable in the attire. He taught me to work hard and participate. My father has been such a contented soul that it’s unreal at times. I still am not aware of his wishlist, there is nothing that I feel he has ever desired. I want to wish my father a good health and also want to ask him what he truly wants to do in life now that he will retire in two years. He is a restless soul like me and can’t sit at home for sure.”

We wish her all the best!!!

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