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Lockdown has made me ‘Aatma Nirbhar’ in every way – Ridheema Tiwari

Ridheema Tiwari is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful actresses of the Indian Entertainment industry. She’s a critically acclaimed artist and some of her best works in the recent past include the likes of Ghulaam, Begum Jaan, Divya Drishti, and a lot more. IWMBuzz engaged in a short and crisp conversation with Ridheema recently. Read the entire conversation here below

How has the lockdown been treating you and how has it impacted your regular work?

Fortunately, my show Divya Drishti had just ended on a high note before the lockdown. This lockdown period can be hands down labelled as a retreat for some, while some went through really shattering times. I am feeling blessed that for me and my partner this has truly been the best times we have ever lived. As a couple, we reconnected, tried new tasks together, took up challenges, pushed our inner selves, supported each other completely and spent a lot of quality time doing daily chores together. Thankfully we both are introverts and we easily dealt with this lockdown. It has nurtured our souls and elevated us as one, and today, we have become more centred in the present, and less focused on the future. The term ‘regular work’, the thought itself is so regular, moderate, boring and minus the fizz. Of course, this lockdown helped me look beyond the logic of life, helping me tap the inner potential of all I could never imagine I would do, minus the favourable situations without proper resources. So let me put it this way- this lockdown led me to look beyond the ordinary and do extraordinary things. I shot for a short film during lockdown and Jas helped me shoot for my portions. Teasers of the film will be out soon.

What is that one thing that you have learnt from this pandemic and that one lesson you would want to take forward always in your life?

Lockdown has made me ‘Aatma Nirbhar’ in every way. It has made me a stronger person. Today I am more patient, resilient and calm. I have always lived one day at a time and have valued living every minute of the present moment to the fullest. I count my blessings, practise deep gratitude. Of late, simple things in life keep me grounded and positive. I am mindful of the vastness within us even in the restricted happy space called ‘Home’. My mind is so much at peace, the tranquillity that prevails keeps me sane than the stress which we actors normally are used to.

Do you have any regrets about your career? Be it due to playing a certain character or for not being able to play a certain character?

Regrets??? why crucify yourself with this feeling when there’s so much one gains in the process? There will always be another fantastic day for new beginnings, another opportunity to start from scratch, where good or bad- my slate will have to be cleaned and rewritten. I am a fearless soul and have nothing to lose. All I know is when the camera rolls, all I will do is ‘JUST ACT’. Sets, lights, camera, make up rooms, chaos on the set, costume, scripts are always waiting for those who wear their passion on their sleeves. The biggest of actors perish, what remains behind is the journey. I am focussing on making mine worth storytelling… In my own perfect time-space, I am neither too late, nor too early. I am doing just fine.

Lastly, what is that one parameter that is going to be the deciding factor for you before you select your next project?

In these times of crisis, being seen is definitely a priority for most of us. I strongly believe some really outstanding roles are waiting to enwrap me, consume me, but until they trace me, I’ll figure out ways to prepare myself for roles that truly ignite my soul and engage more audience. Anything that elevates my spirit as an actor, will be humbly received.

Lockdown has made me 'Aatma Nirbhar' in every way - Ridheema Tiwari

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