Sandeep Aanand who has been replaced in May I Come In Madam? shares his heartfelt feelings.

I accept my mistake of working with the same people for more than 8 years: Sandeep Aanand on getting replaced in May I Come In Madam?

May I Come In Madam the comedy show with earlier aired on Life OK will now be back with a Season 2 with a fresh cast. The new season will probably air on the revamped space of Star Bharat, which will strategise on having humour based shows in its lineup.

As reported, actor Rajesh Kumar will play the lead in the new season which will mean that Sandeep Aanand will no longer be associated with the show.

Sandeep in a chat with told us, “I was fortunate to get lined up with cult shows in my pocket be it Sun Yaar Chill Maar for Bindass, FIR for SAB TV or May I Come In Madam? for Life OK. I started my journey with UTV, one of the biggest production houses and got to work with Mr Rajiv Mehra who had directed Office Office. FIR was schooling for me and I learnt a lot of new dimensions of comedy from that show.”

“In May I Come In Madam? I tried a different form of comedy which people have appreciated a lot in my 13 years of journey. I have been very blessed but a big U-turn came when I tried to become choosy with my work. People from the industry rather than appreciating my skills took that as my ego which is completely a shock for me,” adds the actor.

Expressing the fact that he has been repeated by Producers for his good work, Sandeep exclaims, “My shows have done well and have had a good run. Producers have repeated me in their shows but sometimes you get negative surroundings not by choice but by mistake. I accept my mistake of working with the same people for more than 8 years. I am a workaholic person and when I took any project I pushed myself completely into it and forgot the world outside which felt that I am dependent on the same people, which was really bad. People know me only from my work. I accept that I have not met people in person a lot in these 8 years which is a bad thing for any actor. Also, I have not been active on social media much and this added on to create a different image of mine in the public eye. This pandemic has taught me the big lesson that social media is so powerful and I accept my mistake of not being so active here lately and meet new people for work.”

He further adds, “Yes, the replacement news from my last show May I Come In Madam? has hit me really hard, but now I want to showcase my work with new people and prove my calibre again with a fresh start. When you get nothing in return after working so hard for years, either it depresses you or it will make you stronger, and I choose to be strong.”

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