Bhumika Gurung spills the beans on her glowing skin

It’s important to eat right to have a glowing skin: Bhumika Gurung

The lovely and pretty Bhumika Gurung is an absolute stunner. The effervescent beauty is creating a niche in the Indian television industry, absolutely on merit and hardwork.

Her lead role in iconic show Nimki Mukhiya has earned her respect of the critics and accolades of the masses.

Beautiful and bubbly, she takes utmost care of her flawless skin.

“It’s all about having the right diet. As a celeb, having a bright skin is very important. I ensure that I eat right, keep myself hydrated and also lead a disciplined life. Furthermore, you have to intake fresh food products, and use a nice face pack, which helps your skin to glow,” says Bhumika in an exclusive chat with IWMBuzz.

Indeed, nice tips.

Furthermore, Bhumika believes that for real beauty, one should feel happy from within.

“If you look at me, I never look dull. Reason? I try my best to be happy and fresh from within. I am always chirpy which helps me look better.”

We absolutely agree. So what is her idea of being happy from within? “Well, happiness is a thought. You have to have no mental block. Furthermore, you need to be grateful for whatever you have in life. Be thankful. Don’t take stress and all will be well.”

Noble thoughts, Bhumika.

Being happy inside means helping body with right nutrition and adequate hydration. With changing lifestyle and maddening work pressures the generation is falling prey to many lifestyle-linked disorders. Managing the internal milieu is hence important. Antioxidants play a major role as they combat trillions of toxins produced in the body every now and then. Although there are multiple options available, glutathione is the master of all. It helps rejuvenate every single cell in the body including skin cells. Regular supplementation of glutathione helps maintain health of skin and enhances glow and appearance in long term.

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