Erica Fernandes needs no introduction. She is known for her stints in shows like Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2. Besides spreading her charm on-screen, the actress is an active social media user who keeps her fans entertained through her regular sharing of photos and videos. However, with the new post, it seems she embarked on an adventure in nature as she enjoys her time in the greenery.

Erica Fernandes’s ‘Frangipani’ Moments In Nature

On 23 May, Erica posted new photos on her Instagram showcasing insights from her adventurous ride in nature. The actress shared these photos and wrote, “Firangipan.”

1) The Explorer

The first image shows Erica looking at the lush green tree. Although one cannot see her face, one can imagine the blissful feeling of witnessing nature’s beauty. This pose exudes the vibe of an explorer who is ready to embark on an adventure.

[In Pics] Decoding Erica Fernandes's 'Frangipani' Moments 896647

2) Frangipani Joy

Here, the actress poses with a rare flower, Frangipani. Dressed in a casual outfit, the actress looks cool. Her open hairstyle, winged eyeliner, and oxidized jhumkas add an extra dose of charm. However, her beautiful smile leaves us spellbound.

[In Pics] Decoding Erica Fernandes's 'Frangipani' Moments 896648

3) Candid Moment

This is the cutest pic where Erica can be seen enjoying fun banter as she plays with the Frangipani flower and places them in front of her eyes. She also teased us, making her face, and we can’t get over her magic and cuteness.

[In Pics] Decoding Erica Fernandes's 'Frangipani' Moments 896649