Shashank Vyas writing short stories during lockdown period

Lockdown turns Shashank Vyas into a writer

Shashank Vyas is discovering a new side to his artist personality, courtesy, the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown, i.e., he is writing short stories.

“With nothing to do apart from binge-watching world cinema and engaging in political debate with dad, I am turning to my pen/laptop. I always had the writer’s bug in me; years back, when I was struggling in Mumbai and also dealing with my mom’s death, I would often go to Juhu beach and immerse my thoughts in poetry,” says this actor who first gained name and fame with Balika Vadhu.

“The subtext back then was sadder, but today as I have grown in life, I now pen prose on all facets of life. But yes, there always has to be an underlying message .”

Looking ahead, Shashank, who has returned from London where he was shooting for a flick, says he is mulling over converting his tales into films, of not more than ten minutes duration.

“I have run a few of them with my old school mates (via phone in social distancing times) who usually are very critical of my work, but here they have liked it and have reassured me to take it further.”

Ask has life changed since the lockdown? And he says,“ Stay at home protocol has blown the lid over the most common fib of not having the time. It is always a matter of priority nobody is that busy. So if some will ask me what do you want, I will say since I dig expensive gifts, I would wish to have your most precious belonging, which is time.”

Shashank is also using spare time to connect with his fans via social media “ I never have any hangups while chatting with them, and they too are equally cool.”

In closing, Shashank offers a ray of hope in this pandemic gloom, saying, “ All lousy eras must come to an end, so till then, just hang in there with due diligence.”

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