“Udaan” fame actress Meera Deosthale says people are now exhausted from staying inside their houses. The lockdown was first announced a little over three months ago and though the process of unlock down has already begun, it’s recommended that people go out only for important work.

“Ultimately life has to come back to normal sometime. Most of the people are very consciously bringing life to normal. And mentally also, people are tired of being locked in their own houses. The virus will not be washed out completely until we have a vaccine for it,” she said.

She says when stepping out, she is going to wear a mask, keep a sanitizer, use gloves and avoid getting in contact as much as possible.

Meera also stressed that people have become conscious hygienically and said, “I was just wondering a few days back how careless we all used to be. They never bothered about any bacteria. People would drink coke from the can itself, pani-puri wala used to serve without wearing gloves and it was all okay. Now, things are going to be different, and we all are going to be very cautious.”

The “Vidya” actress also spoke about social-distancing and feels that people are behaving irresponsibly at some places. She added, “People are not bothered about anything. Those are the places where the virus will spread, and there will be no end to it. It’s all because of the lack of awareness amongst the people.”

What is she doing to keep her mind at peace? She said, “I missed the fresh air for the longest time. I have started going for walks in my building compound, and wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance of course. I practice yoga at home, a few asanas and it keeps my mind calm.”

Meera advises people to spend their money wisely till the economy bounces back to normal, and added, “People have to understand that ups and downs are going to come and they must not give up. The maximum people suffering in this are the daily wagers. I am sure the government will come out with some plans for them.”