Muskaan Mihani looks forward to an acting comeback

Muskaan Mihani is looking for opportunities for a return to acting post her maternity break.

Muskaan Mihani looks forward to an acting comeback

The beautiful and talented Muskaan Mihani who had taken a family sabbatical is now back.

She has just shot for a TVC for an upcoming App. “I can’t give out much detail yet but it is a funny ad which features me as a simple soft spoken housewife. Rushad Rana plays my onscreen hubby and Upasna Singh is the household help. If all goes well the makers even plan to convert the above ad story board into a web series down the road.”

“I really like the web format for it seems to be the new in thing with actors doing more web than broadcast shows,” she adds.

However Muskaan who has played sweet characters, even on TV (never did bitchy negative characters) has no plans to go down the bold avatar which supposedly is the mainstay of the web format. “I never did it then, so why will I do it now when I have a husband and daughter to answer to.”

She is also planning a proper TV comeback as well. “I am going for auditions and meetings. I am also open for print campaign and good films. My only issue is now that having a family I can’t work 24*7 as before. I will only green light those shows which give me enough time to also take care of my domestic responsibilities period.”

Talking about her 11 years old career she says, “I have had a nice long stint, the high point being Jugni Chali Jalandhar (lead). I started as exclusive with Yeh Meri Life (Sony, then did a strong parallel role in Zee TV’S Mamta. I am still known as Dr Sapna of Dill Mill Gayee.”

Here she admits that she could not reach her zenith. “I guess it boils down to destiny that most of my lead projects were on once a weaker channel SAB TV. Today it has changed itself. Having said that, I have no regrets. And I am here for many more years, I aint going anywhere yet.”

Come back with a bang, Muskaan!!

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