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The star of Naamkarann and the heart throb of many, Aditi Rathore is the actress we are currently crushing on!

Naamkarann actress Aditi Rathore is our crush of the month. Here’s why!

Ever since Naamkarann aired, Aditi Rathore has been one of the most loved actors and by now she has already become a household name. Everything from her acting and character portrayal to her simple yet effective dressing sense and her charming innocent looks, we love Aditi Rathore for all of that and much more!

Aditi Rathore is our crush of the month. Here's why!

Here’s why she is our crush this month:

•She’s incredibly beautiful. She has grace, grandeur and is a queen on screen. One simply can not avert their eyes from her and that is one amazing quality. What more would you want in an actor on the screen!

•Her acting skills are superb and have become the talk of the town. She gets into the skin of the character and charters the personality well. That is what makes her a real gem in her profession and an absolute treat to watch.

•She has a wonderful sense of style and is an absolute cool and casual diva when it comes to dressing her part on-screen or in real life. Her fashion statement has now become wardrobe goals for many young women.

•She is natural and simple. She emulates her character well, but also knows to stay in her skin. It makes her even better both on screen and off.

•The characters she play are strong and independent. She reflects it from her real life too and makes sure that her characters get the right amount of depth.

We are in complete awe of this trendy actress who is a method artist and knows her character all too well. If you were going to crush on someone and for all the right reasons then this pretty lass right here, is an all-rounder actress, fashionista and has stunning looks as well. Already liking her, aren’t you?

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