Gaurav S Bajaj, currently playing the male lead in Star Bharat fantasy show, Meri Gudiya, talks about his new show.

I have no issues with Aalisha Panwar dominating the Meri Gudiya landscape: Gaurav S Bajaj

Gaurav S Bajaj, currently playing the male lead in Star Bharat fantasy show, Meri Gudiya, has no problems with female lead Aalisha Panwar hogging most of the attention, given the mother-daughter love theme.

“I have mostly done male-skewed shows (Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai). So this was something different to try. Also, I don’t view the show as you put it. For me, it is an emotions-driven story. I was even narrated the story as a family tree thingy. So I am not really bothered about the number of scenes given to me.”

“With dead Madhuri’s (Aalisha) soul now transferred to a doll who protects our daughter Avie (Jinisha Bhaduri) from the evil cult, we will have a large number of flashback scenes, which will not only explain Avie’s supernatural powers, but also establish our romance.”

“The screenplay is written in such a way that the audience will pine for our characters to get together, and then we will give it to them from time to time.”

Gaurav is having a great time with Aalisha on set. “She is a very cool actor with no hang-ups. She was also very professional with the romantic stuff. Our first scene itself was one, and she was quite comfortable. I was a bit worried that she might hold back, given that we hardly knew each other.”

Talking about the supernatural genre, he says, “It is very important to be part of something that is a rage not only across India, but overseas as well. Although, for the moment, my character Raghavendra has no spooky element, you never know what happens next.”

Furthur, Gaurav, who has been around TV for over a decade and has done several shows (Sapnon Se Bhare Naina, Uttaran, etc) has no qualms playing a father on screen. “To be honest, I was getting tired of playing the lover boy, struggling to get married. No wonder I took up a grey shade in my latest outing i.e. Siddhi Vinayak.”

He also does not think that playing dad will constrict his lead options. “Today audiences and creatives have evolved. It all boils down to our ability to impress, by doing varied type of roles.”

In closing, Gaurav admitted that compared to other actors, he is not so active on social media.

“Many of my friends and well-wishers keep pushing me to be seen more on Twitter and Instagram. But I guess it is not me. Although I have my phone with me like everybody, I just Don’t keep fiddling with it.”

“Also, I think I have a lot more to do in my personal life. Whenever I get time off, I take off to my hometown or spend time with family. Last but not the least, I also need a window to tee off,” signed off this avid golfer.

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