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Actress Aalisha Panwar speaks about her journey, show and more…

I have no regrets choosing Meri Gudiya over Naagin 4: Aalisha Panwar

Talented and versatile actress Aalisha Panwar, who rose to fame as Tara and Aarohi in Colors show Ishq Mein Marjawan, has come a long way. The actress is currently essaying the role of Madhuri Gujral in Star Bharat show Meri Gudiya. Her simplicity and calm persona as an actor have given her bigger opportunities.

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Aalisha speaks about her journey, show and more… Excerpts

You have come a long way indeed…your thoughts on the journey in the industry…

If I look at my journey in five years, I am happy and satisfied that I have achieved something in my life. I also know that it is way more to go. However, where I wanted to see myself when I started, I am here and happy. I have achieved my goals. I am glad that the journey has started and by God’s grace, it is amazing. It was indeed a long journey. You can’t achieve anything easily and you have to work hard for it. I did work hard. I came from Shimla to Mumbai alone. I was 18 and completed my studies and landed in Mumbai at a young age. One thing I believe personally that when you truly wish for something in life and when you work hard to achieve it then you get it.

How satisfied are you with your role in Meri Gudiya?

Initially, I was approached for the character of the negative lead in the show. As people loved my performance as Tara in Ishq Mein Marjawan. The audiences wanted to see me as an antagonist again hence the makers offered me a negative role. Then I heard the narration of the story and wanted to play the role of the protagonist. I always like to do something different which I have never done before so I wanted to break that image and wanted to play a positive role. I suggested to go with Madhuri’s role and gave a look test. The channel liked it and that’s how I landed with the part of Madhuri. Initially, I was skeptical to play the role of a 4-year-old mother on-screen, however, the story was so touchy and emotional, I agreed to do it as it touched my soul.

What made you choose Meri Gudiya over Naagin 4?

Obviously, there is not any show that can beat Naagin, it is a brand in itself. It is true that I was approached for Naagin 4 but I think it was all destined. Maybe, Naagin 4 was not in my destiny hence things did not work out and I got Meri Gudiya over Naagin. I believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason and I have no regrets. I am happy and sure that some other time I might be a part of Naagin, you never know.

I have no regrets choosing Meri Gudiya over Naagin 4: Aalisha Panwar 1

How important are family life and personal space for you?

In an actor’s life, personal life is not personal. I think it is a drawback also as we all want our personal life to be personal. Everybody wants personal space. I am a family oriented person as well. When we do daily soap, we end up shooting 24/7 and not going home. Whenever I get time, I try and manage it very well. I get into self-pampering too. It is very important to spend time with family so I make sure to be with them whenever possible. My family stays in Shimla and I am in Mumbai. If I am not able to go, I make sure to take out time and talk to them for hours.

What is the biggest lesson that this industry, over the years, has taught you?      

The biggest lesson I learnt in this industry is that try, try and keep trying until you achieve the goal. I truly believe and I have experienced in my life. Nothing is easy but it is not impossible too. If you are working hard then there is nothing in this life that will beat you. You will get what you deserve. Confidence is good but overconfidence can ruin you and your career. There is a thin line and I also take care of this in my life.

Would you like to explore the web platform?

Currently, I am doing a TV show. Practically, web series is the future. I would love to explore a web platform. I have got offers,   but things did not work out. However, I am keen on doing it and waiting for a good script.

Any regrets in life?

I have no regrets in life. We have only one life and we make mistakes and we learn from those mistakes. I think one should not waste any moment of life over some silly regret. You make mistakes, learn and grow. Count your blessings.

I have no regrets choosing Meri Gudiya over Naagin 4: Aalisha Panwar 2

Apart from the show, any other project?

I shot for my first music album which will come out today. The cover was launched on 23rd March. I am very excited about it and looking forward. It will be a virtual launch because of the lockdown situation.

Any final message for your well-wishers…

I would love to say that my fans have made me. My fans are my motivation. It is not easy to work round the clock with a lot of going into our personal life. However, we worship our work. The letters, comments, and everything that I get personally and on social media, I appreciate and admire that. I am happy to have a big family in my fans.

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