Reyhna Malhotra opens up on being the third angle in Prateek and Donal's love story

There is nothing going on between Prateek sir and me: Reyhna Malhotra 

Reyhna Malhotra, who plays the sexy dayan in Zee TV supernatural saga, Manmohini, is not very perturbed at her name being dragged in as the reason for the apparent breakdown in the relationship between Roop — Mard Ka Naya Swaroop lead, Donal Bisht, and her director boyfriend, Prateek Shah, who also helms Manmohini.

“I don’t want to say anything. It is entirely up to both Prateek and Donal to settle this matter between themselves.”

Regarding her equation with Prateek, she says, “Sir is a very good director and I respect him a lot for his work.”

On the point blank question of whether sparks are indeed flying between them on set as speculated, Reyhna, who first gained prominence as Svetlana in Ishqbaaz, says, “There is a lot of it, for we are a young crew who get on very well with each other. Though there is nothing going on between Prateek and me,” she added, for good measure.

Can something happen between you and him down the road? “That is an unfair question. How can I say who I will fall in love with in the future. I am looking for a guy with a spine,” said she. (Readers are free to interpret this, we have nothing more to say.)

Will this news not spoil your reputation as the third angle? “Well, people will talk, no matter what, and I don’t really fret over this, knowing that any publicity is good publicity.”

Reyhna is supposedly a divorcee with a child, who lives with her parents. She later had a five year live in relationship with a businessman called Nitin. “We have since moved on, but he is a special person and will always be one.”

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