The unfortunate series of events happening in Afghanistan is one of the most disheartening happenings of the year 2021. We came across a video where people were running and trying to abscond in order to save their lives. Countless people already submerged in the darkness of the night when Talibaan took over the country and could not wake up the sunrise of the next morning.

While each and everyone is praying for the people of Afghanistan, actor and BB13 contestant Paras Chhabra too extended his heartfelt condolences and showcased his concern for the people residing there. The actor took to his twitter account and wrote, “I was devastated when I saw that video where people were going helter-skelter to save their lives. I wish no one on this earth should go through a traumatic phase like this. My heart goes out for all the small children and women residing in the country” with a folded hands emoji.

The entire Afghanistan is in a state of jeopardy and are seeking help from other nations! But at the end, the entire universe doesn’t stops revolving and everything moves ahead on the primary principle of ‘This too shall pass’