Urvashi Dholakia is spending time with her pet dog 'Jaegar'

My peg dog Jaegar keeps us occupied at all times: Urvashi Dholakia

Urvashi Dholakia’s pet dog ‘Jaegar’ has been keeping her on her toes throughout this home quarantine phase.

With a lot more free time on hand now, Urvashi has been spending more quality time with Jaegar at home who is loving all the much wanted attention from her!

Besides all the fun and games between the two, Urvashi has also been strictly ensuring that his health be first priority in these uncertain times, by regularly consulting a vet to be educated on the precautions to be taken for animals in the need of hour.

Speaking about how she’s enjoying her time with Jaegar at home, Urvashi shares,”Jaegar keeps us occupied at all times! He is so pampered that we are his official doormen! He can’t stay in one room for too long and wants to visit every room at his own time! So we all have to oblige by opening the door and letting him out turn by turn except for my mom. She is the Mother queen and if she asks him to leave the room he does so quietly. It’s truly a vision to watch! As we are the mere mortals who have to make sure that king Jaegar is met with all his needs!

Keeping necessary precautions in mind though, we have not restricted them totally, but have limited his outdoor walks. As its safer for him to be indoors right now. Other than that we are regularly consulting his vet on other precautionary measures which are to be followed from time to time.”

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