Gaurav Khanna talks about Chandrakanta ending, Btown dreams, digital content and more…

People now like larger than life characters: Gaurav Khanna

Unlike most TV actors,  Gaurav Khanna (Bhabhi,  Kumkum and Meri Doli Tere Angana fame), currently seen in the soon to be ending  Prem Ya Paheli – Chandrakanta  on Life OK, has no major  B -Town dreams.

“I might be the only well known small screen actor who has not given any film audition till date.  I sincerely believe that if something is written in your destiny, it will come your way.  However, if you run after it, the chase only becomes more elusive,” says the actor in a chat with IndianWikiMedia.

“I was marketing and IT guy, who had had no TV dreams yet I guess it was written in my stars that I would be here. I have survived a long while in this fickle industry, without any godfather, which is no mean task.  It has been a great journey, so far no regret. I have only got better with each outing.”

Talking about Chandrakanta, he says, “Till now I was fighting shy of the costume/ mytho, fantasy zone being comfortable in lighter romantic type of roles. But it has been a revelation that I could successfully pull off the brooding prince, I also got lots of scope for action as well.  It also entailed a change in my look, for once I have kept a beard. ”

On the new success of this genre, Gaurav says, “People now like larger than life characters. Everything is cyclic for a while back your boy next door character like Raj of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was a rage.”

Here Gaurav adds a caveat that saas- bahu genre will never wane. “It is just that other members of the audience’s family are also getting to watch what they like. This type of shows takes you on a different journey, which we can only imagine.”

Looking ahead he is open to more shows of the same genre, “I am also ready for gory characters,” he exclaims.

Gaurav is also game for new age digital content, “This is the future.  Personally I don’t watch TV rather checking out stuff on my tab or mobile.   I am a big buff of You Tube and other video sites.”

In closing he does not think that anything went wrong with his   Chandrakanta.  “Agreed it will go off air (27th Aug) in quick time, but the whole channel was revamped, not only our show, all others went off air as well.”

“As far as I am concerned we are quite popular, fan mails asking for season 2 are a testimonial of the same.”

When we ask about the rival Chandrakanta on Colors he says, “I have not seen it but have heard that it is doing well. Producer  Ekta (Kapoor) continues to weave her magic as usual,” he ends.

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