DID Super Mom judge Remo D'Souza is winning hearts with his kind nature for helping one of the contestants

Remo D’Souza’s heart-touching deed will leave you stunned

Television’s one of the popular shows DID; Super Moms 3, has been in form since its launch. The contestants are chosen separately all over the country for their staggering dancing skills. And the judge of this season is none other than Remo D’Souza, Bhagyashree Dassani, and Urmila Matondkar. The judges will mentor and judge the contestants throughout their journey. And what comes as a big surprise is that Remo D’Souza gave a glimpse of his kind nature as he gave financial support to one of the contestants to help raise her child.

However, all the contestants gave their best performances during the shoot, but Varsha Bumra took everyone’s attention with her performance on Le Gayi. Though the judges enjoyed her performance, she seemed tense and unhappy. And after asking why Varsha Bumra revealed that she had taken a big loan for her child’s upbringing, people hounded her who gave her money ever since joining the show. This affected her rehearsals, so she couldn’t keep her best foot forward. This big revelation stunned everyone, seeing her struggle to raise her child. And that was when judge Remo D’Souza decided to pay her loan and support her.

And concerning that, Remo said, “I would like to inform people watching the show that the contestants don’t get any salary to perform in this show; they are here to showcase their talent. Having said that, I am sure that after DID Super Moms, Varsha will earn enough money to help her family. But at the moment, we are not paying her to perform. So, no one should think they are getting money from the show. Seeing her situation, I would really love to help Varsha by paying off her loan so that she can completely focus on her rehearsals and not get distracted by any money lenders. I would also like to request people to let her focus on the competition now because I am clearing off all her debts, and no one should trouble her going forward.”

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