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In conversation with Raqesh Bapat

Ridhi Dogra will always remain special for me: Raqesh Bapat  

Talented TV and film actor Raqesh Bapat has, for the moment, left Hindi TV, and is concentrating on Marathi cinema.

“I have even shifted base to Pune. There are 2 projects, one is a historical (Sarsenapati Hambirrao), and the other is my home production.” Till date, he has done four or five films (Sarv Mangal Savdhan, Mumbai Apli Aahe, etc.) in this west Indian language.

“Marathi film industry is the most sorted industry, with great concepts, made from the heart. Our topics make you ponder. Being a passionate creative guy myself, I love to work with people who love the art and not the frills.”

“The only difference between Bollywood and Marathi cinema is that the former uses different storytelling techniques, while we concentrate more on the tale itself.”

“The biggest challenge is revenue and reach, unlike other regional film industries like Punjabi, which find takers in Canada, US and Australia as well. We are limited to our home state.”

“Having said that, we are slowly going global. Also, our stature is on the rise, having won National Film Awards.”

“Last but not the least, given limited budgets, we need to be much more meticulous before going on the floors, unlike Hindi, where mostly scripts are written on set.”

“As a producer, I hope to make Marathi web series as well. The OTT scene will open more revenue vistas for us.”

Shifting gears to his personal life, Raqesh is about to split with his wife Riddha Dogra. They had come together during the shoot of Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak?

“As you all know, we have started divorce proceedings.”

“There is no bad blood, we are best friends even now. I think relations between us are better now, as we are in a happier space.”

“Love remains, it’s just that its definitions change over the years. She is still special and will always remain.”

“You don’t need to be married to love the other. Two friends can continue to care for each other as before.”

Point out that many other divorces get messy, and he says, “It is not needed. We got into this thing together and have mutually decided to part ways, for over time, we came to realise that we had different creative interests.”

“It is always good to let nature take its own course,” ended he.

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