TV and web, talented actor Shiny Dixit now wants to shine on the big screen

Shiny Dixit wants to go a leg up trying films

After impressing one and all with great acting in TV and web, talented actor Shiny Dixit now wants to shine on the big screen.

“I wish to enact strong women-oriented roles with a message. Above all, I want to be satisfied as an artist once I leave the set. I am in talks with few known cine producers, let’s see what ultimately unfolds. Unlike other TV actors, I don’t mind going through the audition process, for it helps showcase my skills handling different characters,” says Shiney to IWMBuzz.

She goes on, “I think I am ready for the plunge. My TV stint (Lajwanti and Zindagi Ek Mehek) has made me very strong technically, and doing web (Fuh Se Fantasy and short film Derma) has made me more aware of the other nuances of the craft.”

Here Shiny says all the talk of cinema and TV being different is all hogwash. “Real good actors have always crossed over, i.e. Shahrukh Khan, Vidya Balan, and Irfan Khan. The so-called schism is just the creation of less-educated people coming from small towns who don’t understand the art of cinema. I regard all three as mere platforms for us to showcase our acting wares.”

She further adds, “What I also don’t like is the segregation of artists as bold and non-bold. I did what I did in Gandi Baat, and Tadap for I wanted to prove myself as a versatile actor.

Does anybody in the west classify actress as bold or not? They only get evaluated for the kind of work they do, right!,” ends she.

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