Candid chat with Shiny Dixit

I want to play youth characters which only web allows as opposed to TV: Shiny Dixit

Shiny Dixit represents the new breed of actresses who are very comfortable with their well-shaped bodies. No wonder they are ready for nudity if the script so requires.

Shiny, who first started off with Zindagi Ek Mahek, soon moved to web, not being cut out for the normal saas-bahu stuff straddling TV.

“I want to play different youth characters, which only web allows as opposed to tv, where you go on doing the same stuff for a long time. The creativity and intensity of web stuff is also much more than the tube. Last but not the least, the latter is not going anywhere, so I can always return to it when I am 35-40 years.”

Shiny is totally immersed in digital content after doing short film Derma with Barun Sobti and an episode of Fuh Se Fantasy (both on Voot), along with Manjari Fadnis.

She is now working with Alt Balaji and Ullu app (releasing in Aug) respectively. “I can’t say much except one of them is a long-running character and other is a very interesting episodic.”

Unlike most TV actresses, she has no problems with going bold. “I have no qualms, for it is a creative process involving everyday life circumstances.”

She would not mind going in the buff for reputed international channels like Netflix and Amazon, “which have good worldwide content that will be there forever.”

“Don’t you have similarly shot beautiful scenes in Games of Thrones? But no one in the west makes a song and dance about it. It is only in India that, due to society mind-set, things are perceived differently.”

When asked about associating with Ullu, which seems to have a rep of making very stark bold stuff, she says, “Not only are they coming up with interesting concepts, but right now, they are right up there in the pecking order. All said and done, as an artist, I am concerned with good work and growth; the platform or channel is secondary.”

In closing, we ask her whether she is still in touch with her Mahek co-star Karan Vohra and his better half. “No, I am in touch with Karan but not with Bela Vohra. I am also friendly with female lead, Samiksha Jaiswal. And honestly, since my personal equations don’t affect my work, I prefer not dwelling on them.”

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