Lucknow girl Riya Shukla earned accolades for her performance as Swara Bhaskar’s daughter in the film Nil Battey Sannata.

Later, she charmed the audience with her acting talent in movies like Hichki, The New Classmate and 3rd Eye.

Currently, Riya is the lead actor of Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story on Colors, she plays the role of Pinky Bhardwaj. The actor managed to bag the role of Pinky with her acting abilities that she has displayed with her various projects in the industry so far.

In conversation with, Riya spoke about her character, show and more…


How has been her experience working in the show so far?

It has been a wonderful journey and at every step, I am getting to learn a lot. All my co-actors are like mentors to me and I take a lot of learning from them. This is my first show, I had less idea about this industry but now after working for months, I have learnt a lot of new things, like how to deal with certain situations and how to make your craft better. I think when you have a wonderful team around, your work gets easier. I am fortunate and blessed to have a great team.

What made her say yes to the show?

When I got a call for the show, I got to know the title and thought that this concept might turn an obstacle for my career and future projects. My mom denied and told me to refuse the show because she was worried about future consequences. I took time to think about it and thought that in India almost everyone has an average height and a lot of people have faced discrimination so I thought my character might bring a difference in society. A lot of people face body shaming be it on skin colour or their body type. When a guy is shorter in height people don’t give much importance. However, when a girl is shorter in height people consider it a big problem. Being short in height is not a problem but a blessing from god. I also have an average height. If God has made us in such a way then we should accept it positively.

What makes Naati Pinky different from other shows?

Our show’s concept is different because we are not only talking about the flaws of a person but also we are teaching them to live life in the right manner. You have a few flaws that are okay, but how can you take it positively and be happy in life is very important and that makes our show stand out from the rest.

In real life, have you faced any discrimination because of your height? Any incident that you like to share with your fans?

I remember one incident wherein there was a competition related to the Barbie show. The height requirement was 5.7 and I am 5 so I couldn’t participate and was hurt by that. However, I take it as an experience. I was destined to become Naati Pinky so how can I be a Barbie? I am happy because I believe everything happens for good.

How is your bond with your co-stars?

I have a great bond with the team. I grab the opportunity and learn a lot from my co-actors who are veterans and seniors and have a lot of experience in this field. I share a cordial bond with everyone on set.

Who has been the biggest support in your career?

My dad has been a strong support. I belong to a Brahmin family and my ancestors belong to Ayodhya. The people there don’t find to send their children to work in the TV industry as they feel it is wrong. However, my family is not orthodox. They have supported me a lot. I am blessed that I have my father standing strong along with me. When I was about to begin this journey, a lot of issues happened but I assured my father that I am happy with this journey and he was there to support me.

What has been the motivating factor in your life?

I have never compared myself with anyone else. I believe every person is different and they have their own x-factor. We should rather focus on our strengths and work on weakness instead of comparing with people and feeling low. This thought motivates me a lot. I believe that your work should speak for yourself and no one would ever talk about your flaws.

Which is your preferred medium – TV or Films?

TV and films are amazing. TV reaches masses and if you wish to entertain more people and be seen and witnessed by a larger number of audiences then TV is suitable. A film is remembered mostly for a period of 6 months. However, with TV, you are every day on your viewer’s screen. I would love to work on both platforms.

Any final message?

I would tell everyone to be positive during this time. Coronavirus has hit the world. I would request everyone to be home and take proper precautions. Be with your loved ones and do things that you love to do. Make the best of the time that you have got being at home. Explore new areas and enjoy the same.