Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Sengupta To Be A Part Of Eternal Flame Production’s Upcoming Film

We thought this to be a good opportunity to express ourselves creatively: Barkha and Indraneil Sengupta on Choices

Eternal Flame Production’s upcoming film, ‘Choices’, is a film about the lockdown, shot completely under lockdown, uniquely and remotely. The dark humor showcases the relationship between a couple suddenly challenged under lockdown due to a minuscule virus ready to test their marriage in every way.

“Choices was an idea that came out of having no choice. I started working on the script with the excitement of doing some creative, passionate work during the lockdown and not allowing it to lock us down. I thought why not make a full-length feature film in the same timeline. It seemed like an impossible idea to begin with. Although it started as a little experiment it shaped up to something much bigger and better than that” said Damini, the writer and director of the film.

The film will see television’s favorite couple, Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Sengupta, playing the leads.

“It was the lockdown and we were all at home, not doing any work, Damini and Raaj got in touch with us and said they shared the concept with us. We thought it was very real and relevant to the times, the script was great, it sounded interesting and something nice that we could create. Creating the whole thing on our own has been the most interesting part. We are not just the actors but we were also doing the camera work, the art direction, and being set directors to say so. It’s been a great learning experience to explore new facets of the industry which we haven’t done before. I’ve quite enjoyed it.” said Barkha Sengupta.

“We thought this to be a good opportunity to express ourselves creatively and to get involved in the project. The story was interesting, very human, contemporary, and beautifully told. Although we had to do everything on our own, Damini and Raaj were always on the line, directing us and helping us. It’s tougher than it sounds but it’s been a very enjoyable learning experience. I have realized so much hard work goes on at every level that I have a newfound respect for everyone in the filmmaking process,” said Indraneil Sengupta.

Written by Damini K Shetty, directed by Damini and Raaj Shetty, ‘Choices’ will also see Karanvir Mehra and Deeksha Sonalkar in a cameo.

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