Manashi, winner of &TV’s The Voice India Kids in conversation.

The Voice India Kids has helped me build my confidence – Manashi Saharia

Hailing from a small district in Assam, Manashi picked up singing from a tender age of 3 while listening to her mother humming. Since then, there’s been no looking back for her. Back in her hometown, Manashi found it difficult to find someone who could train her and provide guidance in Hindi music.

However, this didn’t burn her spirits and soon, Manashi started listening to and watching Hindi videos online through which she improved her skills further. However, it was her village, all of 300 people, who came together to organize funds so that Manashi could get the opportunity to travel to Mumbai and participate in &TV’s The Voice India Kids. And all their efforts have paid off today as she heads home soon with the winner’s trophy.

Here is Manashi, the winner of The Voice India Kids in conversation.

What was your first reaction when your name was announced as the winner?

I was crying at that moment. I felt extremely happy to hear my name being announced.

What was the highlight of your journey on the show?

I have never sung Hindi songs before. I only knew 6-7 songs while I gave the audition. I had no expectations to clear the audition round itself. But when I entered the show and elimination started, I used to analyse my own performance and was confident enough that I can survive in the competition. I learnt how to hold a microphone properly. I couldn’t speak Hindi before, now I can. So, this show, The Voice India Kids helped me build my confidence.

Who would you want to thank for your victory?

I have a lot of people to thank for my victory. Firstly, everyone in my village, my parents and my friends who encouraged me go to for the audition. I would also thank my coaches and everyone who trained me here about how to sing on stage, perform, hold the mic etc. I would like to thank all of them.

How much did the coaches help you in this journey?

Coach Palak helped me a lot. She also took me to a mall as well, something that I had never seen before ever in my life. She always taught me to be confident and never think negative about myself.

What will you do with the prize money?

I want to help the needy who live on roads and struggle for their basic needs.

What will you do for your community once you go back home?

Whatever I’ll do for them would be less but I’ll take gifts for them to say thank you for their support.

Who amongst the finalist were your closest among contestants?

I am close to Shekinah from the beginning. She helped me learn English.

One lesson you learnt on the show

Apart from singing, I learnt a lot starting from how to perform on stage to voice modulation and expressions. Palak ma’am taught me how to behave while talking to people. These are the lessons I will always cherish forever.

Your thoughts about Palak Ma’am

I want to thank Palak Ma’am for all her help and support. She always answers my calls and replies to my messages even when she is busy with her work. She used to guide me for all my performances. I also want to thank her parents too for believing in me and treating me like their own.

Wish you all the best, Manashi!!