Papon is out of the reality show, as a result of him being uncer scrutiny amidst the huge kissing controversy.

Papon steps back as Judge in &TV’s The Voice India Kids

The Papon controversy continues to turn darker, and with the issue getting into legal hands, the Judge cum Mentor will be stepping back from the ongoing singing reality show on &TV, Voice India Kids.

Yes, this is the latest development as regards the reality show!!

As we know, Papon aka Angarag Mahanta was shooting a special Holi Live Video with the contestants of the reality show, when he apparently kissed a minr contestant on her lips. The girl was being mentored by Papon.

Even though Papon has tried to express his thoughts on social media, legalities will take its course, with a complaint lodged against him.

At the outset, &TV has sent out a statement which clearly explains that the Judge will no more take part in the reality show.

The channel’s statement read like this, “As a responsible channel committed to the well-being of our participants, we would like to restate that a safe and secure environment is of utmost priority to us. We follow all mandatory guidelines and our teams ensure that they are stringently adhered to in all our shows. We have constantly worked towards maintaining a healthy and happy atmosphere for the participants in all our shows, and will continue to do so under all circumstances. In light of the ongoing enquiry, and in the best interest of the participants’ well-being, Mr. Angarag Mahanta (Papon) will be stepping back as the coach on the show The Voice India Kids on &TV. He will not be shooting any further episodes till the issue is resolved. As broadcasters, it is our responsibility to act in an unbiased and just manner and we are committed to doing so. In the interim, we would humbly request everyone to please show understanding and concern towards all the parties involved and allow for the due process to be completed.”

While it is ‘Farewell Papon’ in the reality show, we await to know how the inquiry on the controversy takes turn!!