The current situation in the country around the Citizenship Amendment Bill is definitely not the most pleasant. The Bill has attracted mixed reactions, primarily negative, from netizens and people in general. And even celebrities have not been shy to express their feeling on the same. One such artist is singer Papon, who cancelled his Delhi concert because of the hostility in his own state, Assam.

“It’s painful to see the way Assam is burning! Humanity is suffering! Assam has been burdened with illegal immigration for decades! We don’t deserve this! The diverse, complex mix of Assamese culture & its people and their existence needs to be understood! We need to be heard properly,” Papon was quoted as saying.

Having cancelled his gig at the 11th hour, he also apologized to his Delhi fans while justifying his action.

Well, who wants violence anyway? All we can hope is that the negativity ends soon and Assam once again lives up to its beauty and imagery. For more such updates, stay tuned to