“Is thairaav ki talaash ne kuch ehsaas dilaya hai, ki har pal mein kuch paana zaroori nahi hai, kabhi kabhi khud ko waqt me kho bhi diya karte hai”, says Ankur Tewari as he wanders through the streets of Jodhpur for the final episode of MTV Sound Trippin’. Synonymous with royalty, palaces and valor, Jodhpur speaks volumes about the culture and traditions of Rajasthan. However, beyond all this bravado, it is a land of incomprehensible silences, and vast stretches of arid horizons. With some intriguing unheard and unexplored stories, Ankur embarks on his journey in Jodhpur and explores its beauty, in its most raw form. 

While exploring the city, Ankur finds himself in a museum where he comes across instruments which are 500-1000 years old and to his surprise, some of those are still being played, while others have faded away with time. Upon seeing ‘Kamaicha’, an instrument that has a unique humanly sound, Ankur gets to know that a renowned performer, Dapu Khan Ji has been playing a 150-year old Kamaicha instrument since he was 10-15 years old. The sound of Kamaicha feels like a human singing through sands and time; it is an instrument which is also a medium of telling stories in a place where human connect used to be a challenge. 

The episode will also take the audience to Anahad Foundation, an organization which represents the local musicians. Ankur encounters the talented group led at this organization that is led by Kasam Khan Ji. The viewers will see them jamming together to create a masterpiece which will be the finale track of this season. He also invites popular singer Papon to give his voice to the melodious song that resonates with the vibe of the city.    

Combined with the expertise of the music maestros like Ankur Tewari, Dapu Khan Ji, Kasam Khan Ji and Papon, the episode boasts of a soothing, languorous track, which is supremely rich in its texture. The vibe of the finale song further amplifies with the dunes, empty horizons, old halls with the sound of music wafting through corridors, sound of sand and camel hooves. While singing the song, Papon stuns with its heartfelt interpretation, “Tumhe jaldi hai, hume toh dhire jana hai, tumhe manzil tak phochona hai, humein toh raaste ka maza lena hai.”