Papon is the most celebrated and popular vocalist of popular culture. He has sung amazing songs to date and has amassed a huge fan base across the entire globe. His artistic talents and singing abilities have stolen the hearts of many. Papon’s amazing personality and artistic talents have stolen the hearts of many and have amazed a lot of them. In this extract, we shall have a glimpse at the best songs of Papon that will help you lift your mood.

Angara Mahanta, understood by his stage title Papon, is an Indian playback vocalist from Assam. Papon has also vocalized in numerous terminologies distant from Assamese like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Marathi. He is the leading vocalist and producer of the folk-mixture league Papon and The East India Company. Songs have always been the best agents of stress relief. After listening to the best songs, especially the ones which are our favorite, we tend to feel very happy and energetic. Papon is one such vocalist who sings his heart out and all his songs feel amazing to listen to. Papon performs to the best of his abilities be it presenting on the stage or in music videos. Songs make us feel like nothing else would and Papon is one such artist who is a pro at singing. He is indeed a gift to the music world. If you too are a song lover then I recommend that you listen to these best songs by Papon. Here are the songs by Papon, do add them to your playlist.