Angarag Mahanta, popularly known as Papon, has recently been hospitalized in Mumbai, evoking a wave of concern among his fans. In an emotionally charged Instagram post on Friday, the singer shared a heartfelt message alongside a poignant picture featuring him and his son, Puhor Mahanta.

The photograph captures Papon lying on a hospital bed while Puhor sits solemnly on a chair beside him. The location of the post indicated their presence at the esteemed Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.

Papon’s overwhelming note

Papon took to his Instagram handle to share a heart-felt note for his son, as he got emotional seeing him as his night attendant. He wrote, “We all fight these small battles alone. I don’t personally like posting these incidents on social media. But last night was different. It was for the first time, my little boy, who is all of 13, opted to be the night attendant at the hospital! It’s a emotional moment and I wanted to share with my friends and well-wishers (smiley emoji).”

He added, “I remember all those times I used to do this for my parents. I wish they were around to witness their grandson Puhor taking his turn already! Blessed I feel and thank you all for all the blessings and good wishes! I am feeling much better now!”

Fans Worried

As the news of Papon’s hospitalization spreads, fans and well-wishers eagerly await updates on his condition and hope for a swift recovery. The heartfelt messages pouring in from all corners are a testament to the immense love and admiration that the singer commands in the hearts of his dedicated fanbase.