Bhumika Gurung aka Nimki talks about women needing to be bold and fearless.

Women should not fear anything and have to be bold: Bhumika Gurung aka Nimki of Nimki Mukhiya

Television shows are not just ‘saas bahu’ stories nowadays; instead they look to tackle serious subjects and challenge societal stereotypes. Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya touches the subject of women empowerment and tells an amazing story of Nimki from being a quirky, carefree girl to becoming a responsible and strong woman. The lead actor Bhumika Gurung aka Nimki has had an impactful journey playing the role of Nimki and has a message for her audience.

Bhumika rightly says, ‘Playing Nimki made me stronger, not just in the show but also in real life, it taught me that women shouldn’t fear anything, they have to be bold. Specially, the current track of the show where Nimki is going through so much has taught me abundantly. Each woman should stand up for herself and raise a voice against evil because we have more courage and power than we think.” 

Bhumika hopes that Nimki Mukhiya will be an inspiration for girls and women everywhere by watching Nimki fight her demons and challenge society’s archaic views. 

Way to go, Bhumika!!

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