Actress Pooja K Doshi undergoes name change

Actress Pooja K Doshi changes her name to Maira Doshi

Talented actress Pooja K Doshi, who has worked predominantly in Telugu movie industry and known for her movie Kaadhali, has now gone in for a name change!!

Well, she has gifted herself with the new name that reads as Maira Doshi.

So what prompted her to go for a name shift?

Maira says, “It’s true that I changed my name from Pooja K Doshi to Maira Doshi. The reason behind the name change decision is numerology and astrology. The name was not suggested by anyone. I personally really liked the name hence gifted myself a new name. I believe this move will bring in good fortune and luck.”

The actress will be soon seen in a new Telugu movie named IIT Krishnamurthy opposite Prudhvi Dandamuri.

We too hope you are showered with all success and prosperity!

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