Out of the house but not out of touch - Ace of Space 2 gang's rocking reunion!

Ace of Space 2: Vikas Gupta, Krissann, Adnaan, Nikita, Prakruti’s rocking reunion

Ace of Space Season 2 is done and dusted, winners announced and everyone – all the contestants and the Mastermind – safely back in their own homes. We’re sure, regular audiences of the one-of-a-kind reality show are having major withdrawal symptoms, now that they don’t have their daily dose of Ace of Space 2 to watch.

However, out of the house doesn’t need to be out of touch for our beloved Ace of Space 2 gang. Several of them got together this weekend for a reunion of sorts. And from the pics that they’ve posted on their individual Instagram accounts, it is clear that the merry bunch had a rocking time.

Mastermind of Season 1 and Season 2, Vikas Gupta, too joined the youngsters in the merry-making, the very same youngsters whom he had held captive in the Ace of Space House until some time ago.

Take a look at the pics that the bunch has posted –


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