Muskaan Mihani is relieved with her parents arriving safe from Amarnath.

Amarnath attack: Muskaan Mihani thanks God for saving her parents

The recent Amarnath attack has caused major grief to mankind!!

And the tremors of this ghastly attack were felt by our TV industry as well.

Actors Muskaan (Dill Mill Gayye and Ring Wrong Ring etc) and Rishika (Love Marriage Arranged Marriage etc) Mihani’s parents (Mr. Prakash Mihani and Mrs. Jyoti Mihani) were visiting the holy cave shrine when the above attack happened.

Muskaan shared her traumatic experience, “Luckily both are safe and have returned home.  But it took nearly 12 hours for them to inform us that they were safe, for they were in a no-network area. With the curfew also being imposed, they could not step out and find a PCO to inform us that they were safe.”

Going on, the loving daughter added, “That one night was horrible; we did not know what to think. We tried our best to contact others who were along with them. But they were incommunicado as well. I suffer from low blood pressure and my BP really crashed due to the fear, forcing me to visit a doctor. But I am glad that they are back. I really shudder to think about what must happened to the families of the unfortunate victims.”

In closing Muskan said, “Terrorists have no religion; they only want to spread death and mayhem. I wonder what they get out of it? Innocents get caught in their vicious game. But hats off to Saleem Mirza, driver of the ill- fated bus who managed to save so many lives by his quick thinking.”

We are indeed happy to hear that your parents are safe, Muskaan!!

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