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Avneet Kaur not together with Siddharth Nigam during Diwali fun

Did Avneet Kaur SKIP Siddharth Nigam’s Diwali fun?

Avneet Kaur and Siddharth Nigam are touted to be best of friends.

Together as Yasmine and Aladdin they wowed the masses. However, now that Avneet is no longer enacting the above part, it seems that threads of friendship between the two have started to thin.

One must recollect that Avneet did not attend Siddharth Nigam’s birthday bash this year and in another surprising development, Avneet’s nowhere to be seen in Nigam’s recent Diwali bonanza pictures.

Siddharth smiles merrily with Anushka Sen, Jannat Zubair, Reem Shaikh, Ashi Singh (she replaced Avneet as Yasmine), and much to the dismay of their fans, Avneet is missing.

Did she skip the bash? Is all well between Avneet and Siddharth?


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