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Checkout: FWICE strike court order statement

IndianWikiMedia earlier in the day mentioned about the producers and broadcasters delegate meeting CM Devendra Fadnavis to seek solution on the ongoing FWICE strike.

Now, earlier in the day media reported about court chiding the protesters for working out of legal parameters.

We have exclusive copy of the court order…this is what it reads:



       NOTICE OF MOTION (L) NO. 501 OF 2017


       COMMERCIAL SUIT (L) NO. 451 OF 2017


The Film & Television Producers Guild of India Ltd. & Anr.              …Plaintiffs


Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) & Ors.           …Defendants



The captioned matter was listed at Sr. No. 904 today i.e. 23rd August, 2017, before the High Court, after we had mentioned it yesterday at 11 am. Our counsel Mr. Aashish Kamat, alongwith our Partner Mr. Ravi Suryawanshi and associate Mr. Krunal Mehta appeared before the Court on behalf of the Plaintiffs. The two counsels (both named Mr. Shetty) and advocate Ms. Saveena Sachar appeared for Defendants. 

Since the Hon’ble Court had the background of yesterday’s mentioning of this matter, the Hon’ble Court asked Mr. Shetty to tell his clients not to cross their lines and to obey the gentlemen’s promise made by them before the Hon’ble Court. The other side asked for time to file their reply and their affidavit. Our counsel then requested the Hon’ble Court to see just one video of the advocate of the Defendants interpreting the meaning of the words “nearby”. After seeing that video the Hon’ble Court got very angry at the advocate of the Defendants and strongly expressed his views against such behaviour by the officers of the court i.e. by the advocates. The Hon’ble Court, in very strong words, has reprimanded the counsel and the advocate of the Defendants to honour the word given by them to the court, otherwise the Court will pass very strong order against them. The Hon’ble Court has once again reminded them to not to go near the sets for anything and clearly stated that they cannot cross their lines. 

The matter has been kept on Monday i.e. 28th August, 2017, because there are holidays in between. However, after what happened in court today; we strongly believe that the Defendants or their members will not dare to disrespect the directions of the Hon’ble High Court.


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