Divya Bhatnagar’s father passes away

Actress Divya Bhatnagar’s father who was battling for life at the hospital after being poisoned by goons breathed his last.

Divya Bhatnagar’s father passes away

Its sad news that actress Divya Bhatnagar’s father Vinay Kumar Bhatnagar is no more!!

The elderly man had been fighting for his life for many days, after he went missing on 25 September in Delhi. As we had earlier mentioned, he was found in a critical state after being poisoned!! (If you missed the article, read it here: Actress Divya Bhatnagar’s father goes missing)

After his family found him in a Government Hospital, he was shifted immediately to a private nursing home where he was being treated. After being put on ventilator for few days, the doctors removed his ventilator after they saw a slight ray of hope. But a sudden deterioration in his health forced the doctors to put him back on ventilator over the last week.

Yesterday (18 October), at about 7.30PM, he breathed his last at the hospital is what we got to know.

IndianWikiMedia.com contacted a grieving and inconsolable Divya who told us, “The doctors declared him dead at 7.30 in the evening yesterday. The poison that my father was given by those criminals killed him. It had spread to all parts of the body even before we searched for him and got him. Even then my dad fought a lot, but eventually it had to happen. I saw him breathing his last; I was there when it happened. We need justice… They took away our father. What was my dad’s fault?”

Our heartfelt condolences to Divya and her family!!

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