After the Directors Association the Cinematographers’ Association has decided to not support the strike.

FWICE Strike Update: Cinematographers’ Association NOT to support strike

The debate over whether the Indian TV industry will hang its boots, sit firm and call for a ‘strike’ on the night of 14 August has been the headlines for the last few days!!

We at talked in our last report on the strike scare about how the Directors’ Association has preferred to maintain a ‘silent’ stand on the whole issue and that they will leave it to the members of their association to think and decide!! Also, we had mentioned about the association apparently deciding to not comply to the strike. (If you have missed the story, read here)

Now we have update on the Western India Cinematographers’ Association (WICA) making it very clear in form of a letter that the demands raised by the FWICE (Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees) seems valid and right, but WICA will not be able to support the strike on the grounds they have had no time to discuss the matter with their members. However, the letter clearly stated that they will not oppose the move of the strike, nor will stop any of the members from going for strike. The letter was issued by Mr. Anil Mehta, Honorary Peresident, WICA.

We have a copy of the letter attached here for the viewers to read.

We are also given to understand through a source that, “The team of Cameramen, most of the Production Managers, Supporting Editors, Art Directors, Allied Mazdoor Union are not supporting the strike.”

Meanwhile, the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) President B.N. Tiwari has come up with a video which states that the FWICE members will surely go on strike from the midnight of 14 August.

Let’s see how the next few days pan out… We will keep you updated on the latest developments on the strike scare looming large…

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