Life OK’s next gets its lead.

James Naivedhya Ghadge to play Ghatotkacha in Life OK’s next

Ghatotkacha, the iconic character from the epic Mahabharata, will see a small screen flight courtesy Kothare Vision’s endeavour on Life OK (Read here).

Unique and gripping, the show is expected to be a hit among the masses.

IndianWikiMedia editorial team has learnt that the lead role of Ghatotkacha will be enacted by child actor James Naivedhya Ghadge.

James rose to fame with &TV’s Razia Sultan and Siya Ke Ram.

The channel and the makers both found James fitting the role to the T.

We buzzed James’s mother to solicit a comment but she remained out of reach.

We reached out to the Producer and channel spokesperson at Life OK, but did not got revert till we filed the story.

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