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Which couple is your favorite? Manik and Nandini or Sameer and Naina?

Manik and Nandini or Sameer and Naina: The cuter couple

The show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan was a super hit because of its lead couple, Manik and Nandini, played by audiences’ favorite Parth Samthaan and the very beautiful Niti Taylor, respectively. This couple had become a part of our lives because of their amazing acting chops and their amazing on-screen chemistry.

We can’t stop talking about all the iconic moments that this adorable on-screen couple has shared, giving us serious couple goals.

The love birds make us fall in love with them every season. Although, the show is not on-screen but their magical chemistry is still locked in our hearts.

And on the other hand, there is a couple that everyone loves. Which other than Ashi Singh and Randeep Rai from Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai.

Actors Ashi Singh and Randeep Rai, who essay the roles of Sameer and Naina in the show Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, have become extremely popular owing to their characters and onscreen chemistry.

Their school days will definitely take you back to the 90s. It is very natural to get a crush on someone and the romantic stories of the 90s will definitely get you nostalgic if you were a 90s kid.

Sameer and Naina are an ideal couple, madly in love with each other, who would do anything to keep each other happy. And their fans love it.

Their school days were really beautiful and they would make you remember your childhood as well.

Who do you think is the cuter couple of these two? Manik and Nandini or Sameer and Naina?


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