Miesha gets into a verbal rant with Hridya in MTV Splitsvilla X2, on the other hand, hosts Sunny and Rannvijay announce a twist this week.

MTV Splitsvilla X2: Miesha gets into a verbal rant with Hridya

Post a memorable journey of 16 weeks, MTV Splistvilla X2 is nearing its finale. This Friday, it will all be about hugging it out! And it’s definitely not what you think it is!

Rannvijay and Sunny introduce this week’s bae watch session to the Splitsvillans – Honey, Hug me! where each of the contestants get a chance to dip their counterparts in a cow-dung. The task brings with it a series of heated arguments amongst the contestants. In what will come as a complete shocker to the contestants, the viewers will see Miesha Iyer getting into a verbal rant with Hridya.

In all of this, the much-awaited dome session will also have Sunny-Rannvijay announcing another twist.

What will that twist be? Would there be a wild card entry or a surprise eviction?

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