I believe in following my dreams. Can I have your Instagram?

I would like to take you out for a movie. Oh but no, they don’t allow someone to bring their own snack!

Do you have a sunburn or are you always this hot?

Roses are red, my face is too, this happens only when I see you! 

Pickup lines can either be a game changer or bring you an uninvited trouble in your dating game. If you are someone who gets swayed with some good pick-up lines, this week’s Splitsvilla episode is especially made for you! Watch the divas of the Villa swooning over some pickup lines framed by the hunks of the Villa. While the girls drool over it, the charming hosts Sunny and Rannvijay decide to have some fun! 

This week at the Silver Connection Challenge – “Khoob ya Doob”, Sunny and Rannvijay, will be seen having a fun banter within themselves. They will also be seen exchanging comical dialogues with the Splitsvillains in a task which is all about situations, pick-up lines and getting hit by a huge sandal into a swimming pool. Sounds too much fun right? It only gets better! Truly adorable and vivacious Sunny will be seen reading every pick up line in Hindi. And we’re all set to go Awww!! With Shivam’s cringe shayari and Trevon being the #SweetTalker, is the task location going to be filled with fun or would have everyone go Yikes, Eww and more? 

Who wins the challenge? Two guys whose pickup lines get the maximum Yayys from the girls will be the winner! Will there be a Golden Connection Challenge or a Dome Session post this challenge? No one knows, so get ready to almost skip a heartbeat with the pick-up lines.