Wrestler Sangram Singh and boy friend of Payal Rohatgi talks about his her arrest and its aftermath. Read here.

My partner Payal Rohatgi has been arrested for speaking her mind, lashes out Sangram Singh

On Sunday December 15 actress Payal Rohatgi was taken into custody by the Rajasthan Government for allegedly making offensive comments on the Nehru parivar on the social media.

Earlier this month Ms Rohatgi was served a notice for the allegedly offensive video. On Sunday she was taken into custody from Ahmedabad and escorted to Bundi in Rajasthan.

Speaking from Bundi on Monday afternoon Payal Rohatgi’s boy friend wrestler Sangram Singh said, “My partner was detained in Ahmedabad for a video she posted earlier this month. She was formerly arrested and brought to the Bundi court. I’ve been in the court for the whole morning where our lawyer was speaking in my wife’s defence. The court has rejected her bail application and she is now in custody until December 24.”

Sangram tries to curb his agitated state of mind. But his understandable bitterness is revealed when he says, “What wrong has she done? She was only exercising her right to freedom. And the quote that has offended the Congress I was not hers. It was from M.O Mathai’s book.”

Worried and helpless Sangram states, “I can’t imagine how Payal will spend time inside jail. I don’t know how I can get her out. My lawyer says we’ve to go to a higher court. How long would that take? When can I have my wife back? I’ve no answers. I feel helpless just thinking about her in a dingy prison cell.”

Sangram wonders why the Congress I reacted so strongly to Payal’s post. “Instead of focusing on doing good for Rajasthan they are wasting their time pouncing on irrelevant issues. In a country where the most heinous crimes are committed against women, she has been arrested for speaking her mind.”

I try to reason though the madness saying maybe Ms Rohatgi’s pro-BJP  tweets have provoked the  Congress.

“She isn’t pro-BJP.She is pro-justice, pro-honesty. What happened to freedom of expression in our country?” wonders Sangram as he prepares to fight a long legal battle with his life partner.

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