The little package of happiness holding your finger with its entire hands and passing a smile onto you, as soon as you lean forward. Isn’t it a beautiful feeling? Becoming a parent is a blessing. However, sometimes couples are unable to bear a child due to certain body complications. And with an aim to solve the infertility issues, In vitro fertilization (IVF) has paved the way.

For those caught unaware, IVF is a series of procedures that helps in fertility and assists with the conception of a child. During IVF, mature eggs are retrieved from ovaries and are then fertilized by sperm in a lab. Recently, a few actresses in the past have opened up about their difficult journey with IVF to have babies. Take a look at their accounts of going through the IVF cycles, and weight gain but not giving up on motherhood. Read below!

Mahhi Vij recently revealed that she and her husband Jay Bhanushali had been trying to have a baby through IVF, and their daughter Tara was their last attempt. In fact, she was a premature baby and had to be put on a ventilator after being born. As per reports in Health Shots, Mahhi said, “I had tried IVF when I was 32 (in 2014) but it didn’t click. And then at a certain age, a lot of doctors told me I should opt for surrogacy. But Jay wanted to enjoy those nine months… IVF is not an easy journey, emotionally you feel drained, your health, your mental health, goes for a toss.”

In one of the episodes of Kangana Ranaut-hosted reality show Lock Upp, Payal Rohatgi revealed that she is ‘infertile’ and said she and her partner Sangram Singh even tried IVF but failed. She said, “I can’t have kids. So, I have to be fit mentally and physically, concentrate on acting, and go on with life. It’s okay to not get pregnant. 4-5 saal se hum log try kar rahe hai, nahi ho raha. I think Sangram has figured out that I can’t get pregnant. Maine IVF kiya but it was not successful.”

Sambhavna Seth recently opened up about her failed IVF attempts on her YouTube channel. As per reports in Times Of India, she said, “IVF is one of the ways. Some people might know about it, some might not. We have tried it 4 times and failed.” Revealing how she was targeted by trolls for not being able to have a child, she added, “People taunted and age-shamed me for not being able to conceive even after being married for so many years. But they do not know the problems we face.”

Amrita Rao and her husband RJ Anmol are now proud parents of a son Veer. However, in a new video on their YoutTube channel, the couple opened up about their struggle to have a baby through IVF, which went on for four years. After losing a child via surrogacy, the couple tried IVF. As per reports in Times Of India, the actress revealed, “Every time the nurse used to come to give me those hormonal shots I used to hate it. They were painless but I used to hate it. After that, I decided not to do IVF again.” Thankfully, in the end, it all worked out for them.

Kashmera Shah did not shy away from speaking up about her extremely difficult IVF journey which eventually she had to give up on. Speaking exclusively to TOI in 2018, Kashmera said, “I took a sabbatical from work to have babies. I had been trying to conceive for three years but it didn’t work out. It was tough as my twin babies weren’t conceived naturally. I had lost my health. My body went for a toss during the IVF process. I had 14 failed attempts at having kids. The IVF injections are no less than actually being a mother in the pregnancy stage. You have mood swings, put on weight, and get annoyed just like any would-be mother. It becomes difficult to lose weight because it’s not natural. My doctor would tell me how I was losing out on my health and becoming extremely temperamental.” She further added, “People thought that I opted for surrogacy because I did not want to ruin my figure. But actually, I did lose my figure and health. I was taking injections during IVF and that took a toll on me. I went from size 24 to size 32. But I gave up, neither on motherhood nor my health. I received flak from people who were already blessed with kids. They said mean things about me. But you know, everything in my life happened late, right from finding the right life partner, then convincing him to have babies to turning a mother, everything was late.”

Debina Bonnerjee recently welcomed a baby girl. She recently shared a new video on her official handle where she talked about motherhood, the IVF journey and also shared advice for women. The new mom opened up about her successful IVF journey. In her previous vlogs, Debina had said that she opted for different months to get pregnant. From cupping therapy, and flower therapy to consulting an astrologer, the actress had talked about the treatments she underwent. The actress said that she conducted research before taking the decision of going with only one embryo during her IVF treatment. “I opted for only one embryo even when the doctor advised me to go for more. The doctor was a bit skeptical but I was sure about it and the decision turned out to be successful,” she said.

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