Writer and Producer Raakesh Paswan will be working under a new banner!!

Producer Raakesh Paswan forms his new production house

Talented Writer and Producer Raakesh Paswan is always renowned for bringing to life realistic tales related to small towns!!

As a Writer, Paswan has given us enriching tales that include Bhagyavidhata, Humara Devrani etc.

As Producer, Raakesh Paswan’s Village Boy Productions has given the TV viewing audience shows like Ek Ghar Banaunga, Afsar Bitiya, Service Waali Bahu.

Now the Producer is looking at diversifying work with the launch of a new company!!

Yes, he has recently brought into existence his new company, Raakesh Paswan Productions.

A credible source tells us, “The Producer has his vision on doing varied projects for television as well as the digital platform. While his television shows to come in the near future will be brought under the wings of Raakesh Paswan Productions, the Producer will work on other varied content (which includes web) under his already existent company, Village Boy Productions.”

We hear that Raakesh Paswan Productions is presently working out intricate details for a fiction concept for &TV. Again, the story will be on a very interesting realistic zone, with the backdrop of a small town.

We buzzed Producer Raakesh Paswan to know more about his new company, but he remained unavailable for comment.

We wish you luck for your new endeavours!!


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