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Rajesh Kumar is confined to his home after being put under quarantine post a trip to Finland.

Rajesh Kumar placed under home quarantine after a European vacation

Talented comedy artist Rajesh Kumar who is soon to be seen in the new Star Plus show, Maharaj Ki Jay Ho is under home quarantine.

Says Rajesh, “I, along with my son, had returned to Mumbai on the 12th of March after a tour of Finland. So as per Government norms, I have to be in-home quarantine till around 25th March, along with my family and house help.”

“Luckily, until now, we have not shown any symptoms, so we would be able to go out soon.”

“I fully support the Government measures as prevention is better than cure. I don’t want to be responsible for spreading this killer disease in the general community,” he adds.

Talking about Maharaj Ki Jay Ho, Rajesh says, “This daily 50 episode series is comic mythology with a touch of fantasy. Some today people go back in time to the days of the Mahabharat.”

“We have taken Shukani and Duryodhan from the Mahabharat and added a few fictitious characters to the mix.”

“Hope it does well, for TV content needs to go beyond the tried and tested,” says Rajesh, who is more known as Roshesh Sarabhai of hit Star One show Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

“The biggest challenge was that we had to go purely by the original conviction as we have pre-shot the entire series.”

Is there is a chance for a sequel? “Well, that depends on the ratings. But I doubt it for it is an expensive format. Also, if part 2 happens, there will have to be a huge break (as a fresh concept will need to be written and shot), and there is always doubt on whether it would work.”

Wish you a speedy recovery, Rajesh!!

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