Some really shocking news coming in from the Indian TV industry.

As per the latest reports in News18, actress Anaya Soni who has earlier worked in TV shows like Adalat, Crime Patrol, Ishq Mein Marjawan and Naamkaran is battling for her life as both are kidneys are reportedly non-functional.

Reports suggest that the actress was living on a kidney donated to her by her father but now that has deteriorated and hence she needs a new transplant to survive.

She was quoted by E-Times saying,

“I have been living on one kidney since 2015. My both kidneys had failed 6 years ago and my father donated a kidney to me. Suddenly, the donated kidney has deteriorated and I need a fresh kidney transplant. “They are giving me medicines to bring down my creatinine, which was over 9 when I got admitted. Too much more to go. Dialysis has not yet begun, that will take some time. We are also looking for a donor.”

She further added,

“My mom had a garments business. My brother was doing well. Her clothes and his machines got all burnt sometime ago, when my house caught fire. Sab kuch khatam ho gaya. We are just hand-to-mouth now.”

Here’s hoping things get better soonest and may she get the best treatment. For more updates, stay tuned to