&TV’s Queens Hain Hum to end on 5 May

&TV’s Queens Hain Hum to go off air.

&TV’s Queens Hain Hum to end on 5 May

It’s time to say good bye to &TV’s popular drama Queens Hain Hum.

The Silver Ivory production’s daily is a story of five Delhi based ladies namely Maya Biyani, Tanya Tandon, Aakansha Bannerji Jha, Jhanvi Seth and Shreya Dixit Rathore. These women are best of friends and the only thing that binds them together is their unique bond. It is a modern twisty take with a bold concept.

We have been informed that the show is shutting shop on 5th May 2017.

The writer and creative producer of Silver Ivory Productions, Kumar Gautam confirmed the news and shared, “In today’s scenario audience is fed up watching regressive content on TV. They want real stories which have ups and downs. Whoever have seen the show or heard about it have appreciated our content. We have been acknowledged for our uniqueness. We have shown women empowering stories through all the queens. Unfortunately, we could not reach to a larger audience for various reasons. I wish it would have stayed for a long as any new story takes time to get settled and would have reached larger audience.”

The lead actress Shaily Priya Pandey, who portrays the character of Jhanvi, said, “It was an overwhelming journey. This was my first show and working for it as a lead actress was like a dream come true. It was a bold role as on Indian television no one ever portrayed a gay character. It was a challenging role but my production house was supportive and helpful.”

We wish all of them good luck!

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